Started more seeds

on Mon, 02/20/2017 - 22:37

So, I started more seeds today. It's an ongoing process to grow seedlings, as some plants need more time, some you grow early in the season, some you start later. As such, I usually have seeds going into dirt from January through April - even later if I do a fall planting.

Hot peppers, sweet peppers, and eggplant are plants that take quite some time to be ready to go in the ground. While greens might pop up within a few days of you planting the seeds, these can take up to 2 weeks before you finally see little plants popping up. And then it takes well over a month for them to get a good size to go outside. As such, I try to have these in the dirt by mid February or so. Last year I was late and didn't get them in until March, which meant smaller plants come May.

Peas are a plant that likes the cool early spring temperatures. As such, I also start growing them as seedlings in February. This allows for good sized plants once we're ready to move them outside. And that means earlier peas! :D